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The 1981 Memorial Day Flood – Allandale

Here a link to the stories told by folks who experienced the 1981 Memorial Day flood in Allandale. This is from an article we put together for the newsletter and the web site back in April 2009. Click here to read the story. You can read more stories from around the...


Some people in Allandale to this day get very anxious when there is a hard rain. I am referring to those hit by the Memorial Day Flood that roared down on the city and brought death and destruction along Shoal Creek on a Sunday night, May 24, 1981. It turned stretches...

The new floodplain maps are out

Allandale_flood_maps_1FEMA just released the new floodplain maps for Austin and surrounding areas for review and comment. There have been a couple of articles recently about the maps and their implications.  Here’s one from the Statesman and another from News8 Austin. For those of us who live close to Shoal Creek the new maps could mean you will need to buy flood insurance, or perhaps, you no longer need it. Thanks to a posting by Roy, who alerted the listserv of their existence and for having located the one that includes Allandale (big file).  (continue reading…)