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Green Efforts at Lamar Middle School

Have you wondered what’s “growing on” at Lamar Middle School?  If so, then take some time to visit Lamar’s edible gardens. The vegetable gardens are located near the intersection of Burnet Road and Romeria, near the Band Hall.  Currently, there are three fruit trees and 15 raised beds growing everything from A (for Asparagus) to Z (for Zucchini).

As you may know, the field surrounding Lamar’s track has plenty of sun to offer and also plenty of grass.  But who wants to eat Bermuda grass, so why not use the empty space to grow food?  In June of 2011, a group of parents and teachers installed the first four garden beds.  A parent initiative grant from Texas Action for Healthy Kids provided the “seed” money for this project.

The Northwest Park Cleanup

The Northwest Park Cleanup

Here are some photos from Saturday’s park cleanup. In the past two weeks the park has received a lot of attention. Doors and rails were painted, the pond cleaned, bushes cleared out, walls power-washed, mulch spread, and new ground cover spread for the...