Deed Restriction Database

How to use this Database:

  1. Click on addresses on the map
  2. Type in an address or a part of an address into the search bar.
    • If nothing is being returned, check your search query for punctuation! When searching for “123 Happyvale Dr.”, please type “123 Happyvale Dr” with no spaces afterward or “123 Happyvale Drive” instead.
  3. Press enter once you have completed your search.
  4. Select the address by clicking it on the results page at the right or the dot on the left.
  5. Click the “Deed Restrictions” button in the top right to view the deed restriction.
  6. A link to the deed restriction associated with this subdivision should open up on your browser, displaying an uploaded pdf on Google drive.


The Deed Restriction Database:

Deed Restrictions FAQ

Q: I don’t see a deed restriction link associated with my address, why is that?
ANA is currently working on digitizing deed restrictions so many of them are not on the application just yet. If you want to help out with this process please reach out to the ANA board [Email address: allandale.neighborhood #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]!

Q: When should I use this tool?
Whenever you want to make changes to your home, determine the legal restrictions on the development of homes within our neighborhood, and other related applications.

Q: Do I have to know which address I’m looking for in order to find the deed restriction?
No! This tool includes a color-coded map UI which allows for dynamic, visual search without requiring you to input an address. You can also search by the subdivision name!

Q: How do I search for my deed restriction?
See above instructions under ‘How to use this Database”.

Q: Can I download multiple deed restrictions?
There is no limit on the number of times you can open and download the deed restrictions. In order to open multiple documents simultaneously, hold ctrl (PC) or cmd (Mac) while selecting search results or dots on the map, then press the Deed Restriction button in the top right. 

Q: How can I reset the filters?
Filters can be easily reset by refreshing the page. On most browsers, this can be done by clicking on the circular arrow to the left or the right of the URL. To remove specific filters simply hover over the relevant filter and select the eraser icon.

Q: I am having issues with the dashboard being slow, how can I fix this?
If you are having trouble loading your application, try refreshing your page or switching browsers (performance is optimal on Google Chrome). This should improve the load time.