Allandale Discussion Group

The Allandale discussion group is sponsored by the Allandale Neighborhood Association for the benefit of residents, property owners, and others interested in the neighborhood.

To join the Allandale Yahoo newsgroup with a Yahoo account, send an e-mail with the subject “Subscribe” to allandale-neighborhood-austin+allandale-neighborhood-austin+subscribe [Email address: allandale-neighborhood-austin+subscribe #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ].

You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail that you must respond to; after that, a moderator will approve your membership. For verification purposes, we ask you to provide your full name.

If you don’t live in Allandale neighborhood boundaries please also briefly explain why you want to join the Allandale newsgroup (see

Please note our posting guidelines below. In particular, our rules prohibit unsolicited advertising of commercial enterprises, but responses to specific requests are more than welcome. (To avoid advertising your business every time you post, please remove your e-marketing data from your signature unless you are responding to a specific request for items or services you provide.) Mentions of small efforts like babysitting, arts and crafts, and so on are always welcome.

Allandale Newsgroup Posting Guidelines

The Allandale Newsgroup is a service of the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA). Please abide by these guidelines established by ANA.

The Allandale Newsgroup is for messages of a general interest to Allandale which may include discussions and opinions of issues affecting the neighborhood. The following types are also acceptable:

  1. Announcements of neighborhood events
  2. Requests for information
  3. Requests for advice on volunteer or commercial services
  4. Requests for volunteers for activity within the neighborhood
  5. Positive suggestions for improving the neighborhood
  6. Service, trade, restaurant recommendations, items wanted, and garage sale notices

The following are NOT acceptable:

  1. Insulting or inflammatory messages
  2. One-on-one messages, messages to a specific individual, or “chats”¬†between individuals
  3. Messages which are intended to promote a business, unless the message is in response to a specific request for a service or product you provide (to avoid advertising your business every time you post, please remove your e-marketing data from your signature unless you are responding to a specific request)
  4. A discussion of issues not related to our neighborhood

In general, follow these netiquette guidelines:

  • Think before you post
  • Answer critics with respect
  • Postings should deal with issues not individuals ‚ÄĘProbing to find out more about an individual who is posting to the newsgroup or remarks about an individual are not acceptable

Users who violate these guidelines are subject to a warning from the moderator and removal from the newsgroup for subsequent warnings.

For questions about the group or to report problems joining the group, email allandalemoderator [Email address: allandalemoderator #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]