Austin Energy will be working in the Allendale Neighborhood pruning and removing trees from near the electric lines.

The National Electric Safety Code requires Austin Energy to maintain our lines to ensure the safety of our customers and maintain reliable electric service to your neighborhood. Before AE performs any work on the trees, they will attempt to contact each property owner that has trees that may be affected by the work. This notification will start approximately two weeks from March 22, 2022. Contract notifiers and Austin Energy staff will work with each property owner to attempt to reach an agreement on the work to be performed on the property. Our notification process is provided below:

  • Contract notifiers evaluate each property to determine the proposed work to be done.
  • If the property owner is not home, a door hanger with the details of the proposed work will be left at the residence, unless there is no house or structure.
  • The notifiers will attempt to contact the property owners by telephone to discuss the proposed work.
  • If the property owner can still not be contacted, a certified letter will be sent to them with a copy of the proposed work to be done. During this process, each property owner may request the following actions from Austin Energy
    and its Contract personnel.
  • You may request an on-site meeting with a Contractor representative to review the proposed tree work
  • You may request an on-site meeting with an Austin Energy employee to discuss the proposed tree work