Here in Allandale we value our neighbors and know how to show it!

This page is all about real stories of neighbors helping neighbors. If you’d like to contribute, send a story to: editor [Email address: editor #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

The following stories are provided for information only. The Allandale Neighborhood Association does not endorse or recommend products or services mentioned, nor vouch for the accuracy of the following.

Who has the power?

Numerous posts on and Nextdoor about the status of power, who has it where, who doesn’t; and who has water and who doesn’t. Very helpful provided you have a way to read them!

News and information

Numerous reposts from the city as the hours and days dragged on.

Who’s the best (plumber, electrician, whatever)?

There is a strong upvotes for Randy the plumber, 512-962-5828 and Mike the Plumber 512-643-4349.

Get that garbage outta here!

Updates about garbage pickup are always useful.

For next time (if there is a next time)

If you do not have power call 512-322-9100 and when prompted for your phone number enter the wrong number. This will make them get you to a person. Tell the person you do not have power – they will check your address in their system-  if you are like us their system was showing we HAD power when we didn’t. A transformer was blown and they didn’t know. Tell them you are out. Have all your neighbors call too and do the same. We went door to door and told everyone on our street to do the same and told them how long we’d been without (since Sunday).  We called at 11 yesterday and got power around 4.  They had turned us on and on their system we showed power so they weren’t trying for us anymore.   Call and make sure this isn’t your situation.

Sharing the wealth (and the water and whatever)

To all the people who volunteered water, food, ice chests, chainsaws, firewood, jigsaw puzzles, portable stoves and fuel, generators, phones: SALUTE!!

And to everyone who volunteered to clear snow and ice, or to help turn off water: Big Thank you!!

Warming centers

Thanks to everyone for updates about the location and availability of warming centers.