It’s your neighborhood! So who is publishing that newsletter and maintaining the Allandale website, How do the Shoal Creek cleanups and 4th of July parades get set up? And where did those signs and flyers come from when the City proposed new zoning?

This is the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA) introducing itself to neighbors, new and old, who might not know the organization well. Because ANA works through committees, we’ll explore those committees, and along the way, look at opportunities to get involved.

Communications Committee

Because it maintains the very discussion group that is publishing this post, we start with the ANA’s Communications Committee, spearheaded by Committee Chair Steve Johnson.  Steve has served on the ANA Board since 2019.  ANA Communications is an active collaboration of about 7 people who maintain the website and listserv, publish the newsletter, and handle other outreach efforts. As Steve explains, “We have to coordinate because we cover the entire range of substantive issues affecting the neighborhood.”  He offered an example:  “While the Zoning Committee tracked proposals coming down from the City in 2019, it was the Communications Committee that got information out to the neighborhood.  We printed signs and flyers, and posted information online so our neighbors would know the impact of the changes and the process for providing feedback to the City.” ANA Communications recently added a new advertising coordinator and discussion group moderator as long-term Committee members rolled off from these roles.  Contact us at allandale.neighborhood [Email address: allandale.neighborhood #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ] to volunteer on the ANA Communications Committee.