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Allandale Newsgroup Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the neighborhood, and thank you for your interest in joining the Allandale Newsgroup.

The newsgroup is sponsored by the Allandale Neighborhood Association and is for the benefit of residents, property owners and others interested in the neighborhood. However, content of messages is solely the responsibility of the poster. The Allandale Neighborhood Association does not endorse or support the content of any particular message on this forum.

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Our posting recommendations follow:

  • Think before you post
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  • Probing to find out more about an individual who is posting to the newsgroup or remarks about an individual is not acceptable.

Our posting guidelines prohibit the following:

  1. Insulting or inflammatory messages
  2. One-on-one messages, messages to a specific individual, or “chat” between individuals
  3. Messages which are intended to promote a business, unless the message is in response to a specific request for a service or product
  4. A discussion of issues not related to our neighborhood

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