As you know, the city is working on updating its Land Development Code, which is the set of codes that govern construction and zoning.

There are no public hearings scheduled at this time. Check this space.

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Land Development Code Draft is Released!

Public Input Time, Place, and Signup Info

Following is our best attempt to summarize this information for you. We’ll continue to update this as new information becomes available.

TBDTBDTBDNothing scheduled at this time. Council is expected to have a second reading in February, at which time a limited amount of public input will be provided. Watch this space.

How to Sign Up

The following sections discuss how to sign up for public input sessions.

Open House and Office Hours

Sign-up info for the open houses and office hours can be found on the city’s site (scroll down the page).

Planning Commission

Get to the meeting room at least 15 minutes in advance. Get a sign-in card (yellow card) toward the Guadalupe St. side of the chambers at a long desk. Read this: Planning Commission Speaker Times

For the October 26 public hearing, speaker sign-up starts at 8:30. Each speaker has 3 minutes. All speakers must be signed up to speak by 1 p.m.

After the Planning Commission public hearing on 10-26-2019, Planning Commission working groups will finalize proposed amendments based on public comments, code performance data, and commissioner input during the 10-16-2019 and 10-22-2019 meetings. The Planning Commission will take up the working group amendments starting on 10-29-2019 and vote on them. Working groups were asked to reference specific comprehensive policy goals and council directives supporting their draft amendments.

After working group amendments are voted on, individual commissioners will present their amendments to be discussed and voted on by the full Planning Commission. Although the individual amendments do not have to be supported by policy documents like the working group amendments, they are more likely to receive a majority of the votes if they are backed-up by previously approved council policies.

City Council

Sign in at the kiosk in the lobby at City Hall. For detailed information, see the Citizen Participation at Council Meetings page (especially the section on speaking on a specific agenda item).

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