The ANA Board of Directors will meet to hold our semi-annual General Membership Meeting on March 6th.  We will post the formal notice of the meeting, but I wanted to get some of the items out for review. 

One of the items we will discuss at that meeting, is changes to our Bylaws. We have to provide notice to the membership to vote on these changes so that is why this email comes under separate cover. 

The changes are attached as a Word Document and are noted by highlighting the proposed change.  Most of the changes are administrative in nature. For instance, we are changing the two General Membership meetings from Sep/Mar to Oct/April because our GM in September always seems to conflict with Back-To-School night at Gullett, Lamar, or Mac. 

We are also proposing to allow the current President to roll out of the office but remain on the Board from one more year.  This is in hopes of continuing some continuity between the years. We are adding some language on removal and replacement of a Board member if needed and referencing Robert Rules of Order as order as a guide. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. 

Adam Haynes-By Laws Committee Chair

Proposed March 2019 Bylaws Redlines