Allandale Neighborhood Association-Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, 5-Dec- 2018, 7:00–9:00 p.m.
Northwest Recreation Center, 2913 Northland Drive
1. Call to Order. (5 Minutes 7:00 – 7:05  pm)
a. Roll call/introductions
2. Minutes. (5 Minutes 7:05 – 7:10 pm)
a. Secretary: November minutes as distributed by Ranleigh Hirsh; changes noted.
3. Discussion on Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (15 minutes; 7:10-7:25 pm)
a. Todd Shaw, Zoning Committee Chair
4. Discussion on Redesign of Shoal Creek Boulevard (15 minutes; 7:25-7:40 pm)
a. Adam Haynes
5. Discussion on Bull Creek Road Coalition Master Plan (15 minutes; 7:40-7:55 pm)
a. Ranleigh Hirsh
6. Discussion of Special Committees (15 minutes; 7:55-8:10 pm)
a. Kevin Smith
7. Officer Reports. (15 Minutes; 8:10-8:25 pm)
a. Treasurer, Erik Butler
b. Vice President, Adam Haynes
c. President, Kevin Smith
d. Secretary, Ranleigh Hirsh
8. Committee & Special Committee Reports. (15 Minutes; 8:25-8:40 pm)
a. Nominating Committee
b. Zoning, Planning and Land Use (ZPL), Todd Shaw
c. Parks, Recreation, and Greenspace (RPG), Monica Malhotra
d. Membership, Joanne Senyk
e. Safety, Laura DiCarlo
f. Communications Committee, Kevin Smith
9. Associate Organization Reports.
a. Austin Neighborhoods Council: Caroline Reynolds (5 Minutes; 8:40-8:45 pm)
10. Old Business.
11. New Business.
12. Adjourn.