You all likely know the awesomeness that is Mac football this season.  They are now 14-0, the best record ever for Mac, and the farthest into state play offs of any AISD team, ever.  (Update:  Not true, fake news 🙂  Regan High was state champs twice in the early ‘70s.  Apologies Regan – and thx Dan for the correction!)
McCallum plays tomorrow, 7 pm,  in Houston and if you can, go and cheer!  Regardless, come to McCallum at 11:45 am tomorrow, Sat, 12/16, near the field house, to cheer on the team as they board the bus to leave for Houston at high noon.  Wear your royal blue, bring signs, cowbells, and your loudest, most enthusiastic cheers for these amazing guys!
Here’s the list of Allandale “home town heroes” who became Knights after years at Gullett and/or Lamar:  Kegan Aleman, Mason Bryant, Ian Carson, Judah Copeland, JB Faught, Jacob Greenberg, Alexi Hernandez, Estevan Hernandez, Caleb Herpin, Jackson Masters, Davis Roe, Gabe Williams, Cole Davis, (and special note of Freshman Connor Boggs, on the varsity team)
PLEASE pass this one, get word to everyone.  We need to cheer em on to let this team know how much their accomplishments mean to us too!