Allandale Neighborhood Association has always been very supportive of our parks.  Your help is needed more than ever to speak out to assure we continue to provide funding for more parkland. The Bond Advisory Group meets next Monday at 1 PM at City Hall, Boards and Commissions Room (room directly to your right of the main entrance). We need people to show up before 1 PM  so that they can make a brief statement support for infill parks and transit parks during citizen’s communication, the first item.   These are the points we need to make:

–          I support infill parks!

–          Adding more and more housing with less and less people space is crazy

–          Since 2000, the City of Austin has approved just $9 million in bonds for infill park acquisition  (I’m confirming this number with PARD)

–          By contrast, Travis County this year alone is asking for $91 million for parks out on the edge of the county.  That’s an order of magnitude difference. We keep buying lots of park land where people don’t live

–          Parks should serve for both recreation AND transportation.  We like how Parks Dept is starting to put parks where they support transit quality and access

Thank you for your support of Austin Parkland!