The letter below will soon be sent to the City of Austin requesting that a sidewalk be installed on the north side of Twin Oaks.  We are hoping to secure a safer way for all of us to go up or down the Twin Oaks hill AND for kids to travel to/from Gullett and Lamar!  Thank you to the 206 neighbors who added their names to the list of supporters!  If you want to see your neighborhood association doing more work like this, please join or renew today so that we can continue these efforts.  Questions about this project? Contact Jonathan Skaggs. [Email address: skaggsjm #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]


Mr. Eric Dusza
City of Austin Public Works Department
Sidewalk & Special Projects Division
505 Barton Springs Rd # 1300
Austin, TX 78704

Subject: Re: Sidewalk Request
Twin Oaks Drive between Vine Street and Shoal Creek Boulevard
Austin 311 Service Request #16-00298624
Dear Mr. Dusza:

I’m writing to you with regard to a sidewalk request for the north side of Twin Oaks Drive between Shoal Creek Boulevard and Vine Street submitted by Allandale resident, Mr. Jonathan Skaggs, via Austin 311 on November 11, 2016. This letter is in response to your December 8, 2016 e-mail to Mr. Skaggs.

As included in the above sidewalk request, Mr. Skaggs and his wife walk their son to Gullett Elementary every day and are concerned about the danger to pedestrians on the north side of Twin Oaks Drive between Vine Street and Shoal Creek Boulevard (approximately 250 feet in length). That portion of the pedestrian route to school forces children on their way to Gullett onto the road where they share a lane with westbound vehicles heading down Twin Oaks Drive towards Shoal Creek Boulevard (see attached photographs). Because Twin Oaks Drive is so steep there, the drivers have limited visibility and are usually driving too fast down the hill. A sidewalk along that section, which would connect with the sidewalk on Shoal Creek Boulevard, would keep these families safe on their way to and from to school.

There is no nearby through street from that part of the neighborhood to Shoal Creek Blvd., so families from many blocks nearby use it (all the way up to folks who live by Northwest Park) would use the sidewalk (see attached map).

Taking Cavileer would be the wrong direction, take much longer, and not be much safer as there is a hill and no sidewalk there as well.

As you have requested, please find answers to the following questions you asked in your December 8, 2016 e-mail:

  1. How far is it to schools, major employers, transit stops, government offices, public accommodations and public housing?
    Gullett Elementary School is approximately 0.16 miles to the southwest of the proposed sidewalk area.
  2. How many people live in the area?
    Approximately 2,568 people live within 0.5 miles of the proposed sidewalk (source:
  3. Are there already existing sidewalks in the area?
    There are no existing sidewalks on either side of Twin Oaks Drive between Vine Street and Shoal Creek Boulevard.
  4. Is the request made by the ADA task force or part of an Adopted Neighborhood Plan?
    No; however, as discussed above, this request originated from a citizen via 311.
  5. How busy is the street?
    As discussed above, this section of Twin Oaks Drive is thoroughfare that connects Burnet Road and Shoal Creek Boulevard.
  6. Have there been reported pedestrian safety concerns?
    In addition to the previously submitted 311 request, the following Allandale residents, who also use this stretch of Twin Oak Drive to walk or bike their kids to/from Gullett Elementary and/or Lamar Middle School, have expressed safety concerns regarding this area:
    – YOUR NAME HERE (fill out the form above)…
    The following neighbors have indicated their support as well for overall pedestrian safety:
    – YOUR NAME HERE (fill out the form above)…

We understand that the City has limited budget for sidewalk installation projects. However, because of the daily use of this section of street as a pedestrian route to Gullett Elementary School and its small size (only approximately 250 feet), we respectfully request that this section of sidewalk be given additional consideration for implementation.

cc: Mr. Michael Gaudini, City of Austin