We’ve heard a plenty.  Milestone is plowing forward with the development of the Bull Creek PUD (Grove at Shoalcreek).  They’ve generally gotten support from Austin environmental board, and ZAP (Zoning and Planning).  Next step is City Council for 1st reading September 22.


We need to rally the neighbors and share how we feel about this development, express any concerns, in the hopes of motivating City Council to ensure this ordinance is the most neighborhood friendly to us and all the areas around the Grove at Shoalcreek.   Especially because decisions made here set a precendent for so many state owned properties around us that will go up for sale in the future.

Right now, the traffic implications of the future development are FOUR TIMES what traffic is already at Bull Creek and 45th, which is already above what it should be.  Not to mention environmental issues, concern over park space, amount of affordable housing, etc.

ANA is NOT against growth.  But we will fight for smart growth and what is right and best for our area.  Please help! Attached is helpful information and background – 2016-09-07-CallToActionTheGroveANA.

We need your support to influence all City Council and our Mayor, but especially those council members we think can move to our side:  Greg Casar, Delia Garza, Pio Renteria.