Attn Urban Parents! Imp for those caring about family friendly housing, this per Steven Zettner who works tirelessly on these efforts:

Would you be willing to briefly swing by NW Rec tmrw, Tuesday, 4/5 b/t 6 and 8 pm and provide feedback on the need for family-friendly housing?  Or just forward this email to Jonathan Tomko at jonathan.tomko [Email address: jonathan.tomko #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ] with a brief statement of support.   Showing up, even briefly, is more powerful, but an email still helps.  If possible, please forward this request to friends.

I’m trying to get attention on the risk of CodeNext cementing a permanent housing bias against families in the urban core.

We’re at a pivotal moment – CodeNext is in the process of locking down policies that will be in our zoning rules for decades.

Statistically, a community needs at least 70% multi-bedroom housing to avert a long-term structural bias against families.  Burnet Rd is on track to have about 50% multi-bedroom housing in 25 years, similar to Downtown. CodeNext policies could make this imbalance worse.

Many things affect whether families will live in an area, but the composition of housing is a permanent physical constraint.  It shapes everything else – services, public school viability, parental support networks.  The kind of housing we build will determine whether tomorrow’s families are permanently segregated from the urban core.

This is a wonky way to approach things, a bit like someone pointing out that an increase in atmospheric CO2 from 280 ppm to 400 ppm might have big climate consequences.  Like climate change, it’s a long-term thing that we won’t feel much in our ordinary lives.  But preserving the ability of our community to have balanced demographics, to be truly inter-generational, would make a wonderful gift to the next generation.  Please take a moment to help our Burnet Rd community retain our diversity.