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A Timeline of Events follows (most recent first).

2015-Dec-02 Meeting facilitated by Shuronda Robinson (Asida Communications) with BCRC board members and MileStone to discuss the scale of the PUD, traffic, and parkland.

2015-Dec-01 The Grove PUD hearing was postponed indefinitely by Zoning & Platting commissioners until city staff review is concluded.

2015-Nov-19 BCRC board meeting to discuss priorities.

2015-Nov-04 The Grove PUD was discussed at the Environmental Commission and the case was postponed until it has been fully reviewed by staff. Commissioners requested an update on 18-Nov, and the hearing may take place on 16-Dec.

2015-Oct-28 Meeting facilitated by Shuronda Robinson (Asida Communications) with BCRC board members and MileStone to discuss open space and environmental topics.

2015-Oct-21 BCRC board meeting to hear committee updates and discuss ongoing negotiations.

2015-Oct-14 BCRC VP, Grayson Cox, scheduled a Q&A session for board members as well as neighbors, with MileStone’s recommended facilitator, 6:00 p.m. on Wed-14-Oct at Westminster Manor.

BCRC President, Sara Speights, adds that the BCRC board “wants to gauge how comfortable we are with [Ms. Robinson’s] ability to be fair and unbiased. If need be, we can choose to interview some other possible facilitator candidates. Our primary issues are: traffic & safety; adequate parkland; adequate buffering for Oakmont Heights, Idlewild Rd., & 45th St. residents; flood & drainage mitigation.”

2015-Oct-08 Our Austin City Council District 7 Councilmember Leslie Pool let us know that today’s agenda item to approve The Grove’s baseline site development standards was again postponed. The indefinite postponement is meant to ensure there is adequate time to consider an optimum baseline that will determine development bonuses and affordable housing.

The developer is asking for a combination of SF-6, MF-6, and GR-MU to determine the baseline. However, Planning & Zoning Department staff is recommending a larger SF-6 area, and the lesser density categories MF-4 and LR-MU. The higher the density, the greater the profit.

CM Pool said of our meeting with PARD yesterday, “All parties are working to ensure that parkland on the site is usable and accessible to surrounding neighborhoods. As Planned Unit Developments must result in development superior to what would occur using conventional zoning, specific discussion centered around what would make the project superior in the eyes of the neighborhoods. Recommendations included enlargements of the neighborhood park, wider linear park areas, and creating more usable flat space. As most of you know, this site has long been used as green space to surrounding neighbors. Ensuring the new development has valuable parkland is one of my priorities.”

2015-Oct-06 BCRC representatives met with PARD personnel to discuss required parkland acreage, priorities, amenities, and how they related to PUD Tier 1 and 2 superiority ratings (total acreage: 17.75 designated, 12.95 credited, need 12.88 more):

  • Signature = 13 acres (8.95 acres credited) ½ acre has heritage trees
  • Neighborhood = 1.25 acres (all credited)
  • Private (but open to public) = 1.5 (.75 credited)
  • Flex (unknown location) = 2 acres

Given the lack of parkland in this area, PARD recommended 22.6 acres (vs. BCRC’s request for 30 acres and MileStone’s request for 13).

2015-Sep-29 MileStone’s recommended facilitator is Shuronda Robinson, Asida Communications. BCRC will consider; meanwhile, the 07-Oct BCRC board meeting is postponed.

2015-Sep-24 BCRC provided MileStone with names of potential mediators from the Austin Dispute Resolution Center, Lakeside Mediation Center, and others.

2015-Sep-23 BCRC & MileStone met to discuss next steps. BCRC suggested moving forward with the assistance of an impartial facilitator; MileStone agreed.

2015-Sep-21 Via ANA’s Facebook page and Yahoo newsgroup, we asked Allandalers to let us know what they would like to see at The Grove and what their concerns are. To date, 25 residents responded; top 3 items are: Less traffic, More greenspace, More drainage & flood control. Our inquiry will be repeated in the October issue of The Allandale Neighbor newsletter.

2015-Aug-21 MileStone’s response to the BCRC alternative vision was negative, primarily due to the request for 30+ acres of greenspace and reduction in density rendering a too-slim profit margin. Calling the BCRC plan elements “fatal flaws,” MileStone nevertheless remarked on certain park amenities, traffic calming measures, and creek preservation as being worthy of further discussion.

2015-Aug-13 During today’s Planning & Zoning Department briefing to City Council on The Grove, council again postponed the baseline discussion until October 8.

2015-Aug-12 BCRC board meeting.

2015-Aug-05 BCRC representatives met with District 10 councilmember Gallo.

2015-Aug-03 BCRC representatives met with staff of councilmembers Kitchen & Renteria.

2015-Jul-29 BCRC presented an alternative vision to MileStone, which was developed through a collaboration of neighborhood liaisons (the 7 neighborhoods that comprise the BCRC), committee research and feedback, and community comments. Built upon MileStone’s conceptual plan, the BCRC design provides a counterpoint and the basis for discussion as we move toward a shared vision (

2015-Jul-15 BCRC board meeting.

2015-Jul-09 MileStone/ARG (owners/developers of The Grove at Shoal Creek) presented their latest conceptual master plan to the public (

2015-Jun-18 BCRC board meeting.

2015-Jun-17 Meeting with MileStone, 45th Street residents, and ANA’s BCRC rep to discuss specific concerns of adjacent residents.

2015-Jun-11 During today’s Planning & Zoning Department briefing on The Grove to Austin City Council, council postponed the discussion on establishing the baseline for determining development bonuses and the trigger for affordable housing until August 13.

2015-Jun-10 BCRC board meeting.

2015-Jun-04 BCRC board meeting.

2015-May-27 MileStone planning meeting.

2015-May-21 BCRC board meeting.

2015-May-14 BCRC board meeting.

2015-May-09 BCRC meeting with District 10 councilmember Sheri Gallo.

2015-May-07 BCRC board meeting.

2015-Apr-30 BCRC board meeting.

2015-Apr-23 BCRC board meeting.

2015-Apr-10 Results the 08-Apr meeting; the main concerns of area residents were:

  • Increased traffic in two main areas: (a) intersection of 45th and Bull Creek, already gridlocked at peak traffic hours; (b) increased cut-through traffic on neighborhood streets, which have no sidewalks and heavy street parking already.
  • Inadequate open/green space. MileStone’s plan saves a 12-acre area along Shoal Creek that is covered in beautiful heritage trees, but the plan calls for filling in around the trees with playscapes, swings, hike and bike trails, a one-acre retention pond and a dog park. This could be pedestrian and bike traffic heavy enough to compact the soil around the trees, putting them in danger. We are proposing an additional 10-acres to be designed in conjunction with the Lady Bird Wild Flower Center and concentrating on planting drought-resistant trees.
  • Less density of the plan.
  • Pedestrian connectivity for the lower Shoalmont area. The 45th St./Bull Creek Rd. intersection is hostile to pedestrian use.
  • More onsite parking is needed.
  • We desire a commitment from the city that in the first two years of development construction, the city will work with our neighborhood to slow down cut-through traffic and take measures to keep people from other areas from using our area for parking on their way to the new development.

2015-Apr-08 Joe Reynolds & Sara Speights hosted a meeting for immediate neighbors (between Hancock & 45th, Bull Creek Rd. & Strass) to discuss MileStone’s development plans.

2015-Apr-03 MileStone submitted their formal DA to the Planning & Development Department; case # CD-2015-0009

2015-Apr-02 MileStone held their second presentation to the public, outlining their development site plan.

2015-Apr-01 MileStone visit to Allandale Neighborhood Association to preview their upcoming community meeting.

2015-Jan-21 MileStone/ARG (owners of The Grove at Shoal Creek) held their first presentation to the public.