Anyone is welcome!  Agenda here:

Allandale Neighborhood Association

Executive Committee Meeting Agenda (Draft)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 7:009:00 p.m.

Northwest Recreation Center, 2913 Northland Drive

 1.       Call to Order

Roll call/introductions

2.       Minutes

Secretary: September minutes as distributed by Laura Beck else changes noted.

3.       Officer Reports

Treasurer:  Elliot Brubaker

Vice President:  Marshall Thompson

President:  duties, assignments, reports

 4.       Standing Committee Reports

Bylaws: (Marshall)

Communications: Laura Beck

Membership: (pending)

Nominating: (pending)

Safety: Laura DiCarlo

Zoning: (transfer to Jean Latsha)

 5.       Associate Organization Reports

Austin Neighborhoods Council: David Orshalick

 6.       Special Committee Reports

Bull Creek Road Coalition: Kata Carbone

Land Development Code: Allan McMurtry

NW Austin Neighborhood Alliance /Austin Oaks: Kata Carbone

 7.       Old Business

Previous meeting items on the agenda for discussion : None

 8.       New Business

 9.       Invited Guests/Presentations

Items of interest to Allandale on the agenda: None

 10.   Adjourn