Allandale Neighborhood WeheartAssociation seeks volunteers to serve on the 2015–16 Executive Committee (EC) and chair or join at least one standing committee (membership, communication, zoning, safety, finance, bylaws, or nominating).

Basic requirements to serve on the EC are that you reside in Allandale, your membership dues are paid, and you demonstrate an interest in furthering the purpose* of the association. Ideally, the EC will be well-balanced with respect to age, gender, occupation, areas of expertise, and geographic residence.

ANA will always face important challenges requiring careful consideration, yet this is an especially crucial time to be involved, as changes related to population growth, development all around and within Allandale, and revisions to Austin’s land development code impact our neighborhood.

To throw your hat in the ring, please contact ANA Nominations Committee Chair, Mike Nink (michaelnink <at>


*ANA purpose: to promote and protect the quality of life, safety, residential characteristics, and property values of the neighborhood primarily and all neighbors generally; and to identify and assess issues of importance to the residents of the Allandale area and to promote participation by area residents in activities that affect their neighborhood. ANA should actively engage in activities that aid and are necessary to support these purposes.