Happy Summer, Allandale neighbors! Hopefully you are still fondly remembering the fun of the Allandale 4th of July Parade—surely the best part of the year for this special neighborhood. The parade, all pulled together and organized by the Allandale Neighbor Association (ANA), always makes us so proud and happy to live in Allandale.

ANA does so much more. Volunteer board and committee members also arrange monthly seminars with valuable education and information on tree pruning, property taxes, energy and water conservation, CPR, not to mention a great impetus to clean out our closets for the annual neighborhood-wide Garage Sale.

ANA manages a great relationship with our Austin Police Department and organizes our block captains to help keep Allandale safe and relatively crime free, and coordinates annual National Night Out events all over the neighborhood.

ANA helps navigate the tricky waters of zoning and building and growth, and keeps you informed by sharing information in the newsletter that reaches 4,500+ households every other month, as well as on all our online venues.

ANA does a whole lot more, and all on an absolute shoestring budget. We ask only $15 membership dues per household (or just $7 for age 55+ households) per calendar year, January to December—very affordable! Yet less than 10% of the 4500+ homes in Allandale pay their ANA membership dues each year! Likely this is chalked up to just forgetting, and we are working to put in place better systems to remind you and let you take advantage of automatic renewals.

Until then, to help make it even easier on the many of you who likely fully intend to and want to be part of ANA, and to get more neighbors to participate in ANA, we are doing a Summer Membership Drive.

Some of your teen neighbors may be coming by to ask if you are part of ANA and, if not, they will ask you to consider supporting us. They’ll give you an easy way to pay dues with a membership envelope so you can mail in a check. We thank our young neighbors for helping us getting more homes involved to support ANA!

But you don’t have to wait for a teen to stop by, you can join online right here, right now, where PayPal will accept payment by credit card. Or email us at allandale.neighborhood (at) and we’ll be happy to deliver a membership envelope to you and pick up your payment directly!

Thank you to the 400+ homes that are supporting ANA already. And thank you in advance to the additional households that will join up now to help ANA do all we do, and help us do more!