LightwaterbulbANA Seminar Series
Energy & Water Conservation

When:    Thursday, June 18, 2015
              6:00–8:00 p.m.

Where:   Northwest Recreation Center
              2913 Northland Drive

Don’t be shocked by high utility bills—learn to conserve! Austin Energy and Austin Water Utility representatives will provide us with tips to reduce water and electric costs.

Austin Energy will show us how to use our thermostats to keep our homes cool and throughout the summer without resorting to refrigerator-like temperatures. They’ll let us know how much we save when we buy a compact florescent or LED bulb (you can start here to see how much energy your appliances are using: Air conditioning is the largest electrical cost and is related to the difference between the temperature of your roof (typically 120° F in the sun) and the temperature in your home (typically 75° F)—a whopping 45° difference. Simply planting a tree or two to shade the south side of your house can drop the roof temperature to 99° and substantially reduce your electric bill.

Austin Water will suggest the best drought-tolerant trees, grass, and plants for our yards and rain gardens. They’ll give us an idea of how much it costs to let the shower keep dripping instead of calling an “expensive” plumber, and they’ll show us how to check for slow leaks from the toilet tank. We’ll have plenty of time to ask questions, such as how much water is lost when one of our water mains break.