Craig Bell, City of Austin Watershed Protection Department, gave a presentation to the ANA EC on 01-Apr regarding drainage fee changes. Mr. Bell provided us with this follow-up:

You have shown an interest in the proposed City of Austin drainage charge revision, and I want you to be informed of some new information.

1st, be aware that the City Council Public Utilities Committee has put this as the 5th item on their agenda for their very first meeting, scheduled to begin at 3 PM, Wednesday, April 15, 2015, at Austin City Hall (in the Boards & Commission Room), 301 West 2nd Street. Delia Garza is Chair, Don Zimmerman is Vice Chair, with Ann Kitchen and Ellen Troxclair rounding out the committee.

2nd, the ordinance that will make the structural changes to the drainage charge is scheduled for public hearing before the entire City Council at 4 PM on May 21, 2015. (This is not the fee ordinance that will set the actual fee – that will be approved in the budget setting process later this summer.)

3rd, Expect these important updates to appear on the drainage charge web page ( this coming week:

  • An estimator tool to help you estimate the monthly amount of next fiscal year’s drainage charge for any property. It will be using a rough projection of the base rate for next fiscal year: 6 cents per square foot of impervious area per year, or 1/2 cent per month.
  • A memo that is being sent to City Council (April 10, 2015) that provides a very good description of the drainage charge revision process.
  • The ordinance that is being sent to City Council. You will be able to see all of the proposed changes.

Craig Bell
Watershed Protection, City of Austin
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