Please note an agenda change for tonight’s ANA General Membership Meeting: The segment on Northwest Recreation Center’s programs for preschoolers and older adults will not be presented tonight (due to illness); we will rescheduled that presentation at a later date.

Sincere apologies,
Kata Carbone

for ANA


Allandale Neighborhood Association
General Membership Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, March 4, 2015, 7:00–9:00 p.m.

Northwest Recreation Center, 2913 Northland Drive

1. Call to Order/Roll

2. Minutes

  • Secretary, Jennifer Paris: February minutes stand approved as distributed, else changes noted & minutes approved with changes

3. Guests/Presentations

  • Capital City Village
    To “age in place” means to live in one’s own home safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level. We’ll hear from Capital City Village, a membership non-profit that assists older (50+) people age at home with the help of volunteers, programs, and providers.
  • Northwest Recreation Center
    Whether it’s playtime for preschoolers or lifetime learning for older adults, there is something for everyone at NW Rec, right here in the heart of Allandale. We’ll hear from Program Supervisor Christa McCarthy about activities, classes, and programs geared specifically for preschoolers and older adults.

4. Officer Reports

  • Treasurer, Elliot Brubaker
  • Vice President, Marshall Thompson
  • President, Kata Carbone: membership & debt update

5. Standing Committee Reports

  • Bylaws, Marshall Thompson
  • Communications, Laura Beck
  • Finance, Elliot Brubaker
  • Membership, Anetta Paver
  • Nominating, Mike Nink
  • Safety, Laura DiCarlo
  • Zoning, Nathan Vassar

6. Associate Organization Reports

  • Austin Neighborhoods Council, David Orshalick: February meeting

7. Special Committee Reports

  • Bull Creek Road Coalition, Robert McDougal
  • Land Development Code, Allan McMurtry
  • Northwest Park, Laura Beck

8. Old Business: None

9. New Business: None

10. Adjourn