Off to a Great Start in 2015

2015-02 coverFebruary newsletters hit mailboxes this past week. Email allandaleneighbor [Email address: allandaleneighbor #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ] if you didn't get yours and we'll deliver a copy to you, or download the newsletter here.

Just A Few Highlights
Where Are They Now? Frances McIntyre, still running circles around the rest of us.

Healing Arts Housecalls: Sara Schaubert, working with pets and their families in the comfort of their own homes.

New Eatery: Republic of Sandwich, elevating the common sammich to royal status.

Pop Quiz
That's right, we're testing you. We don't publish this newsletter just so you can line your birdcage.

1. At what age should a child first visit the dentist?
(a) 6 months. (b) 12 months. (c) 6 years.
Find out from Dr. Daniel Johnson

2. Speaking of teeth, what is "bite inhibition"?
(a) Irrational fear of eating in public.
(b) How puppies learn to moderate bite pressure.
(c) Inability to chew after tooth extraction.
Find out from Cheryl Silver

3. What is fish emulsion?
(a) Base for making chowder.
(b) Shark bait.
(c) Plant growth stimulant.
Find out from Ginger Soulé