Allandale Neighborhood Association Executive Committee
NW Rec Center
August 6, 2014 7:00 p.m.
Draft Agenda
I.        Approval of Minutes
II.      Treasurer's Report/Proposed Budget  
We will discuss the 2014-2015 ANA budget (to be adopted at the September general meeting)
III.  Yard Bar  
Kristen Heaney, owner of the Yard Bar, will talk about the project and answer questions. 
IV.  September 26 Candidate Forum
ANA is helping co-sponsor a city council candidate forum on September 26 and has been asked to allocate  $250 to help cover the costs of the forum.  
V.                Zoning on Northland Drive
Discussion and possible action on proposed commercial zoning for 2117/2119 Northland (Briley’s) and 2121 Northland (Keri Golden).  These proposals are set for second and third reading before the City Council on August 7 (Agenda Items #137 & 138).  
VII.            Committee and Austin Neighborhood Council Reports
IX.               Re-subdivision of 5111 Woodview
The EC will discuss the latest developments regarding the legal action by ANA against the owner of 5111 Woodview.  This portion of the meeting shall be open only to ANA members in good.
X.               Meeting Time/Date
Per a discussion at the July EC meeting, the EC will discuss whether to keep or switch our meeting time/date.  Room reservations at NW Rec Center for 2014-2015 open up later in Aug.
XI. President's Report
XII.         Other Business
XIII. Adjourn