Approved, final:

Allandale Neighborhood Association

General Meeting Minutes

Location: Northwest Recreation Center, 2913 Northland Drive

Recorded by: Jeff Marshall


Date Start time End Time
May 7, 2014 7:00 pm 8:52 pm


Name Title


Bryan Glass  


Caroline Reynolds Treasurer


Cynthia Pryor  


David Mintz President


Jeff Marshall Secretary


Laura Beck  


Laura Slaughter  


Kata Carbone VP


Naji Norder  


Nathan Vassar  


Steve Neel  



Minutes – Jeff Marshall presented ( April 2nd) minutes
They stand as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report – no activity.

Ramsey Park Improvement Project – Jeff Archer, Rosedale Neighborhood Association
Rosedale Neighborhood association is spearheading an effort to renovate Ramsey park and Jeff Archer will speak briefly about those efforts.

Proposed Burnet Road Corridor Study – Mark Walters, City of Austin & Jenn Todd –  skipped Jeff Jacks
On May 22 the City Council will consider approving a neighborhood planning process in North Central Austin, along with a corridor study along Burnet Road as well as Anderson Lane.  While ANA’s EC has already voted not to participate in the neighborhood planning process at this time, we will hear about the corridor study and consider whether to participate in that process. Jenn Todd with the Planning and Development department of the city of Austin.  Giving an introduction of the process to the Corridor study.  This will not include any base re-zoning.

Motion: In consideration in all the items in development, ANA requests the Austin city council to respectfully delay the process and 2) ANA to table our vote until after the city coucil responds ( Naji)

Second ( Kata)
Motion passes

Zoning on Northland Drive
Discussion and possible action on proposed commercial zoning for 2117/ 2119 Northland ( Brileys).

Motion: Move that ANA EC approve the re-zoning of 2117 with all the contingents and oppose the re-zoning for 2119 ( Laura B).

Second : Nathan V.
Motion passes

Discission about 2121 Northland.
Motion: Propose that and ANA EC oppose to up zoning request for 2121 Northland.

Second: Bryan G
Motion passes.

Charles Maund Parking Garage
Discussion and possible action regarding the proposed parking garage by Charles Maund VW on burnet road.  He does have the CS zoning to build the parking garage.

Motion: ANA EC support the opposition to the Maund parking garage and that we support the promotion of this via social media ( Kata)

Second: Laura S
Motion passes

Committee and Austin Neighborhood Council Reports
All committee reports will be distributed in electronically or in writing. Due to the full agenda, the EC will only discuss action items stemming from committee reports

Motion: Move in support of our vote ( Laura B)

Second: Laura S
Motion passes

Communication committee update

Motion: Move to add Tom L to the newsletter and website production team at the same pre-approved rates for the clients of current and new business ( Laura B)

Second:  Bryan G
Motion passes

  • ANC – no activity to report
  • Bylaws – no activity to report
  • Finance – no activity to report
  • Membership – no activity to report
  • Safety – no activity to report
  • Events – 4th of July parade coming together

Property Tax Forum
ANA has received a request to co-host a property tax forum

Motion: The ANA to promote the event but do not co-host the event, because we do not want to be seen as promoting the candidate or event ( Bryan G)

Second: Laura B,  Naji against
Motion passes.

Re-subdivision of 5111 Woodview and 5415/5417 Woodview
We will discuss the legal action by ANA against the owners of these 2 properties on Woodview.

Motion: The ANA settle out of court for the legal matter on 5415/5417 Woodview ( Kata)

Second: Laura B
Motion passes

President’s Report – No activity to report

Other Business