Allandale Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee
NW Rec Center

 July 2, 2014  7:00 p.m.

 Draft Agenda

 I.                    Approval of Minutes

II.                  Treasurer's Report

III.                St. John’s Proposed Sign
Tim Hill with St. John‘s United Methodist Church will talk about plans for a new sign. 

IV.                EMS Stakeholder Presentation
Keith Simpson with the Austin Travis County EMS will talk about a stakeholder process they are implementing.    

 V.       Zoning Issues Update

  • Proposed re-zoning of 2117/2119 and 2121 Northland Drive
  • Proposed rezoning of 2800 West Fresco Drive
  • 5111 Woodview

VI.       Burnet/Anderson Road Corridor Plan

VII.      4th of July Parade
Update and discussion of plans for the 4th of July Parade 

VIII.      Committee and Austin Neighborhood Council Reports
All committee reports will be distributed electronically or in writing.  

IX.      President's Report 

X.       Other Business