DRAFT: Allandale Neighborhood Association

General Meeting Minutes

Location: Northwest Recreation Center, 2913 Northland Drive

Recorded by: Jeff Marshall

Bryan Glass
Cynthia Pryor
Jeff Marshall, Secretary
Laura Beck
Laura Slaughter
Kata Carbone, VP
Naji Norder
Nathan Vassar
Steve Neel

Caroline Reynolds, Treasurer
David Mintz, President


Scheduled Guests:

  • David Cantelosi (Briley’s) , 2117 / 2119 Northland
  • Keri Golden, 2121 Northland
  • Dennis Oxford, Adjacent property owner to proposed Maund parking garage
  • Nate Wilkins, City of Austin


  1. Minutes – Laura Beck presented ( Feb 15th and March 5th ) minutes
    1. They stand as submitted.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – no activity.

  1. Zoning Issues

    1. 2117/2119 Northland
      1. 2117 – never been residential, always been commercial use. (SF3 to GR-MU)
      2. 2119 – consolidate the usage ( SF3 to LO)
      3. Motion: Pause the re-zoning application effort until ANA has time to review and the board will designate a representative to be involved.
      4. Motion by Nathan V
      5. Motion Second by Cynthia P.
      6. Motion passes.
    2. 2121 Northland
      1. Property has commericial in the front and residential in the back
      2. Motion : Pause the re-zoning application effort until ANA has time to review and the board will designate a representation to be involved.
      3. Motion by Nathan V.
      4. Second by Cynthia P.
      5. Motion passes.
    3. Charles Maund Volkswagon Parking Garage
      1. Dennis Oxford walked the EC through the general plans for the Maund VW parking garage plans.
      2. EC would like to meet with Maund VW to learn more about the project
        1. Peggy, Dennis Oxford, John and Joi C to be in the meeting
      3. Discussion
    4. Yard bar – no representative. Discussion skipped


  1. Lot Re-subdivisions
    1. .Update regarding the suit against owner of 5415/5417 Woodview
      1. Written discovery / restrictive covenants
      2. D Mintz deposistion
      3. April 16th hearing
    2. Pending action against the owner of 5111 Woodview

  1. Variance Request for 2602 La Ronde St.
    1. ANA has not received formal notice from the Board of Adjustment but has been asked by the porperty owner to weigh in on a variance request for a recently constructed carport at 2602 La Ronde St. which exceeds the setback by 5 feet.
    2. Homeowner has asked ANA to not oppose the variance request. Adjacent property owners have no problem with it
    3. Motion: ANA to write the Board of Adjustments to not oppose the variance request as long as the life is limited to that of the carport / infringing structure
      1. Motion by Carolyn Reynolds
      2. Second Naji N.
      3. Motion passes.

  1. Strategic Planning
    1. Discussion about the ANA strategic planning process
      1. Build an operations manual to pass along
      2. Get everything computerized


VII. Committee Reports

  • ANC – Kata to email ANC reports
  • Bylawsno activity to report
  • CommunicationsLaura update provided
    • Newsletter update – Angela C almost done with her duties, Joi almost retired.
  • Financeno activity to report
  • Membership – General discussion. Should we do another mass mail out
  • Safety – no activity to report
  • Zoning
    • Motion: Between now and the middle of May 2014 the Zoning / Planning Committee meet at least once, brainstorm and from that we will determine the best way to proceed going further.
    • Motion by Naji N.
    • Second by Nathan V.
    • Motion passes
  • Events – Garage Sale is May 3rd.
    • 4th of July parade, judges are set.

VIII. President’s Report – No activity to report

IX. New Business

X. Adjourn