by Peggy Maceo 

Charles Maund Volkswagen is planning to build a 4-level parking garage at the corner of Burnet and Pegram Ave. There are concerns that the size, location, and use of this parking garage will erode our quality of life and degrade the character of our neighborhood.  The Allandale Neighborhood Association Executive Committee supports residents in opposing this parking garage.  If you also oppose it, please sign the online petition found here:  

There are also concerns that the day-to-day operation of the Maund dealership goes past the boundaries of the site and is incompatible with single-family life. The proposed garage will be only 25 ft. from homes, and will cause light, heat, and noise pollution to nearby residents.  The dealership already adds congestion and traffic to this area of Allandale, especially with trucks delivering vehicles and test drives.  The garage would mean additional Maund inventory, which potentially adds more traffic, noise, etc.  

Neighbors have joined together to have a voice in setting commercial standards that are compatible with residential areas.  We rely on our city officials to preserve our neighborhoods and protect our quality of life.   Let the City of Austin and Maund Volkswagen hear from you.  Again, consider signing the online petition here, which also details more:

If you have any questions or want to be further involved in this effort contact Peggy at maceostudios [Email address: maceostudios #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ].

Land Development Code Diagnosis prepared for the City of Austin by Opticos Design, Inc., p. 63.

Compromising the Character of Communities Throughout Austin, parking garages and surface parking lots in residential, commercial, and mixed-use areas, are beginning to have more and more of a predominant presence, and are slowly eroding the unique character of communities, in particular in central Austin neighborhoods. It is hard to notice these incremental changes, but due to their long-term impact on the quality of Austin communities, as well as their impact on the desire to be compact and connected, it is an issue that needs to be discussed during the process and addressed in the LDC update.