Allandale Neighborhood Association, Executive Committee

NW Rec Center,  May 7, 2014  7:00 p.m.

Draft Agenda

  •  Approval of Minutes
  •  Treasurer's Report
  • Ramsey Park Improvement Project – Jeff Archer, Rosedale Neighborhood Association

The Rosedale Neighborhood Association is spearheading an effort to renovate Ramsey Park and Jeff Archer will speak briefly about those efforts.   

  • Proposed Burnet Road Corridor Study – Mark Walters, City of Austin 

On May 22 the City Council will consider approving a neighborhood planning process in North Central Austin, along with a corridor study along Burnet Road as well as Anderson Lane.  While ANA’s EC has already voted not to participate in the neighborhood planning process at this time, we will hear about the corridor study and consider whether to participate in that process. 

Jeff Jack who is a member of the Land Development Code Revision Advisory Group has been invited to describe how changes to code and the corridor study are likely to affect the neighborhood.

  • Zoning on Northland Drive

Discussion and possible action on proposed commercial zoning for 2117/2119 Northland (Briley’s) and 2121 Northland (Keri Golden).  These proposals will go before the Zoning and Planning Commission on May 20.   

  • Charles Maund Parking Garage

Discussion and possible action regarding the proposed parking garage by Charles Maund Volkswagen on Burnet Road. 

  • Committee and Austin Neighborhood Council Reports

All committee reports will be distributed electronically or in writing.  Due to the full agenda, the EC will only discuss action items stemming from committee reports.

  • Property Tax Forum

ANA has received a request to co-host a property tax forum tentatively scheduled for May 20.  The EC will discuss whether to co-host, assist in promoting or otherwise support this program. 

  • Re-subdivision of 5111 Woodview and 5415/5417  Woodview

We will discuss legal action by ANA against the owners of these two properties on Woodview.  This portion of the meeting shall be open only to ANA members in good standing. 

  • President's Report 
  • Other Business