Allandale Neighborhood Association
General Meeting Minutes
Location: Northwest Recreation Center, 2913 Northland Drive
Recorded by: Laura Beck 



Start time

End Time

March 5, 2014

7:00 pm

8:51 pm





Bryan Glass



Caroline Reynolds



Cynthia Pryor



David Mintz



Jeff Marshall



Laura Beck



Laura Slaughter



Kata Carbone



Naji Norder



Nathan Vassar



Steve Neel



 Scheduled Guests:

  • Joanna Wolaver, Shoal Creek Conservancy
  • Cheyanne Crosey, Capitol Metro
  • Nate Wilkins, City of Austin


  1. Minutes – did not review or approve February 5 minutes. Will do at next EC meet.

 II Treasurer's Report – Caroline Reynolds reported, newsletter revenue up, Walmart debt, which was reduced by $9,000, has rasied $4,500 with $7,500 yet to be paid.

 III. Shoal Creek Conservancy – Joanna Wolaver presented on the vision and opportunities for neighbors.

 IV. Capitol Metro – Cheyanne Crosey presented on Projet Connect, and benefits to Allandale, timing likely 2020. More at or email info [Email address: info #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ].

 V. Safe Routes to Schools – Nate Wilkins discusssed the bike lane updates around Gullett and Lamar and that the team is working to create solutions that satisfy concerned neighbors on Bullard and Treadwell.

 VI. Lot Re-subdivisons – see below in decisions

 VII.  Variance Request for 2600 W. 49 1/2th Street – Chris Hayden Motion ANA to not oppose the variance request for 2600 W 49 1/2 Street. Second from Kata Carbone. Passed unanimous.

 VIII.  Strategic Planning–Laura Beck presented the ANA EC plan, to begin with two parts, a Values and then a Vision workshop at Northwest Rec Center, open to all neighbors. Strategic planning is important to keep the ANA focused on the most important issues that align with our collective, agreed upon priorities.

 IX. Committee and ANC Reports – It was reported that the ANA neighborhood garage sale will be Saturday May 3, beginning at 7 am.

  • ANC – no activity to report
  • Bylaws – no activity to report
  • Communications – no activity to report
  • Finance – no activity to report
  • Membership – no activity to report
  • Nominating – no activity to report
  • Safety – there will be a Graffiti clean up day April 27
  • Zoning – discussion in above around re subdivision
  • Adhoc – Land Development Code – no activity to report

 X.  President's Report – David Mintz gave an update on the CUP passing for Little Woodrows and that all requests of the ANA have been complied with

 XI.  New Business

 XII.  Adjourn

 Decisions made during this meeting (motions, postponements etc.)

Lot re-subdivisions

Discussion: There was a discussion about the need to   take action against the owners of two lots on Woodview that are being re-subdivided for development without   complying with deed restrictions (not gaining approval of 2/3 of the affected   neighbors within that subdivision).    The action is necessary because the city approved subdividing the lots   despite the deed restrictions.  As a   result, ANA will need to take legal action against the owner of 5111   Woodview, Jules Caplan, as well as Madison Custom Homes, which owns 5415   Woodview (which has been subdivided into 5415 & 5417 Woodview).  Construction has already begun on 5415   Woodview.  David Mintz and Allan   McMurtry have met with attorney Casey Bell to discuss legal options.   David Mintz also confirmed that in addition   to the lawsuit, ANA is applying the following strategy: 

  1.   ANA   EC member Nathan Vassar has written an education piece about re subdivision   of lots;
  2.   ANA   EC will seek an Attorney General opinion regarding state law on this topic; (which   can take time) and
  3.   ANA   EC will reach out again to the city attorney’s office regarding their   interpretation of state law. 

 Allan McMurtry made the following motion:  ANA should take legal action on behalf of a   resident(s) in the neighborhood against the owners of 5111 Woodview and 5415   Woodview to enforce the deed restrictions requiring lots that are   re-subdivided to receive approval of 2/3 of property owners.

 Second from Kata Carbone.

 Discussion – Tom Linehan asked about changing   zoning/lot sizes, Allan McMurtry confirmed zoning will not affect   neighborhood deed restrictions. The risk/benefits were stated again, that we   may recover legal fees IF we prevail, but not guaranteed, and that ANA has   already incurred nearly $1,000 in fees for initial letters and legal advice.

 Passed unanimously.