ANA EC monthly meeting, Wed, April 2, 2014, 7 pm, NW Rec Center

Draft Agenda:

I.  Minutes

II. Treasurer’s Report

III.  Zoning Issues

a)  2117/2119 Northland

b)  2121 Northland

c)  Charles Maund Volkswagon Parking Garage

d)  Yard Bar

A representative from Briley’s (2117/2119 Northland), as well as the owner of 2121 Northland, Keri Golden, will be at the meeting to discuss their commercial re-zoning applications.  We will also have an update on the parking garage proposed for Charles Maund and an issue regarding traffic flow at Yard Bar (site of the old Putt Putt course on Burnet).

V.     Lot Re-subdivisions Update regarding the suit against the owner of 5415/5417 Woodview and the pending action against the owner of 5111 Woodview.

VII.  Variance Request for 2602 La Ronde St. ANA has not received formal notice from the Board of Adjustment but has been asked by the property owner to weigh in on a variance request for a recently constructed carport at 2602 La Ronde, which exceeds the setback by five feet.

VIII. Strategic Planning Discussion regarding ANA’s strategic planning process

IX. Committee and ANC Reports

X. President’s Report

XI.  New Business

XII.   Adjourn