Allandale Neighborhood Association, Northwest Rec Center

Wednesday, March 5, 7:00 p.m., General Meeting, Draft Agenda

I.  Minutes

II. Treasurer's Report

III.  Shoal Creek Conservancy

Joanna Wolaver will give a presentation about Shoal Creek Conservancy’s vision for restoring and protecting Shoal Creek for all Austinites—present and future.

 IV.  Capitol Metro

Presentation regarding Project Connect and the impact on Allandale

V.  Safe Routes to Schools

Presentation and discussion regarding proposed  bike lanes near Gullett and Lamar

VI. Lot Re-subdivisons

Discuss and possible action regarding responding to owners of lots along Woodview that are being re-subdivided for development without complying with deed restrictions requiring neighbor approval before re-subdividing the lot. 

VII.  Variance Request for 2600 W. 49 1/2th Street

VIII. Strategic Planning

Discussion regarding starting a strategic planning process for the Neighborhood association.

IX. Committee and ANC Reports

X. President's Report

XI.  New Business 

XII.   Adjourn