In late January, the City Council approved a conditional use permit (CUP) for a proposed new location for Little Woodrow's at 5425 Burnet Road.  The final CUP contained a number of provisions sought by ANA including steps to limit noise and fewer late night hours. Also, in response to concerns about parking, the city council required the bar to provide additional parking spaces (52 spaces as compared to 41 that the bar owner was proposing), and the city will expedite residential parking permit requests along affected streets, such as Clay and Montview.  
ANA had been working on this issue for well over year and a half after the bar's owner made  presentation to the Executive Committee.  At that time concerns were raised about re-zoning the area to allow a bar, given its location within 80 feet of existing single family homes on Clay (Brentwood/BNA) NA and within 200 feet of homes on Montview (ANA).  The bar was also going to be open until 2 a.m. every night, unlike other bars between 45th street and 2222.  
As a result, last year ANA worked with BNA to oppose the zoning change for the location to become a bar. When that effort failed, the ANA Executive Committee passed a motion seeking several items to be included within the conditional use permit. Many of these items surrounded reducing the impact of noise emanating from the bar and dealing with operating hours, and for the most part are refelcted int eh final version of the CUP that was approved by Council.