Allandale Neighborhood Association
Northwest Rec Center
Wednesday, February 5, 7:00 p.m.
Executive Committee Draft Agenda

I.  Minutes
II. Treasurer's Report
III. Lot Re-subdivisons
        Discuss and possible action regarding responding to the owner of 5411 Woodview after he indicated that he does not intend to comply with deed restrictions requiring neighbor approval before re-subdiving the lot.  We will also discuss options regarding other lot re-subdivions in the neighborhood.  
IV. Strategic Planning 
        Discussion regarding starting a strategic planning process for the neighborhood association.
V.   Proposed District 4 and 7 Coalition
    Follow up regarding a recent meeting with several neighborhood associations to discuss formation of a new coalition of neighborhoods located in the District 4 and 7 city council districts.
VI.  Executive Committee Positions
    We will discuss and take action on filling the Secretary's position on the Executive Committee and any other vacancies that may result.
VII. Committee and ANC Reports
VIII. President's Report
IV.  New Business
X.   Adjourn