Dec2013thumbnailMost of you should have your last issue of the Allandale Neighbor in your mailboxes by now, but here is the digital version for you who keep everything! The December issue casts an eye on the results of the city council redistricting and how it may affect Allandale ("Finding our Place: District 7"), looks back at the great history of Allandale ("Recollections of Almost Fifty Years in Allandale"), and contains a review of the early history of Northwest Park ("The Early History of Northwest Park"). 

The President's Letter updates on positive development around two business/zoning concerns: the impact of ownership changes with Ginny's Longhorn Saloon, and the ongoing partnership with Brentwood Neighborhood Association regarding the impact of Little Woodrow's. 

A previous issue highlighted the great car restorations going on in the neighborhood, and in December, we take a look at some of the great motorcycle buffs who have been on great adventures with their bikes. If you can believe it, winter brings thoughts of spring and some of the fun baseball league action that's gearing up. The Neighborhood Watch article provides good reminders as we think of good resolutions for the new year (locking doors!), and Cheryl brings up several points of consideration for those thinking of adopting a new family member during the holiday season. 

Additionally, there's a continuing update on Northwest Mall and plans for a successful close to the debt from the legal proceedings. 

There's a lot more in the issue – including bits on pipes, candy canes, Austin Terriers, AND more Good News from Gullett – we'll let you discover the rest, must save some surprises. :) 

The ANA Communications team would like to thank the EC, contributors, editors, printer, and sponsors and you who support and encourage the Allandale Neighbor. It takes a team of folks volunteering in collaboration, quickly, and efficiently to keep on top of the many activities and communications flying around and about Allandale.  Our newsletter is one of the largest in the city in size and in range of topics; we're delighted to get it out to you in a timely manner. Please send us feedback on the site and in e-mail – we like to hear from our neighbors!

Happy New Year!

ANA Comms Team