Allandale Neighborhood Association
Northwest Rec Center
Wednesday, January 8, 7:00 p.m.
Executive Committee Draft Agenda
I.  Minutes
II. Treasurer's Report 
III. Little Woodrow's
We will have an update on Little Woodrow's.  Even though the Planning Commission denied the Conditional Use Permit, we have learned that the applicant will be appealing to the City Council on January 23.   
IV.  Debt Retirement
We will receive an update on how fundraising has been going and the EC will discuss and may take action on further plans for retiring our legal debt from the Walmart challenge.   
V.   Discussion regarding Proposed District 4 and 7 Coalition
There is a meeting on January 28 with several neighborhood associations to discuss formation of a new coalition of neighborhoods located in the new Dist 4 and 7 council districts.
VI. Committee and ANC Reports
VII. President's Report
VIII.  New Business
IX.   Adjourn
Note:  We will probably discuss the proposed bike lanes on Treadwell and Bullard at our February meeting.