102013thumbnail The Fall edition of the Allandale Neighbor has a great cover article on the current composting pilot going on in the neighborhood. Devon Bijansky breaks down the program, where the organics go, and how Allandale can benefit. Focusing on the people in Allandale, we highlight Ruth Kieschnick, an Allandale Original. Ruth has been in Allandale since there was an Allandale, and the interview gives a great history of our wonderful neighborhood and Ruth’s (and her husband, Gus’) life during its founding and growth.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the many antique and classic cars in Allandale – Steve Johnson profiles some of the cars restored and maintained by Allandale owners. There’s a review of the latest food arrival – Lucy’s Fried Chicken, and summaries of Gullett Good News, and a new addition – Lamar Scottie Beat! Tom Linehan checks out some of the latest development trends in Allandale, and also gives an update on the coming Yard Bar, a private dog park. The President’s Letter reviews some of the key topics facing Allandale this coming year and topics the EC is tracking. Laura DiCarlo updates some of the Safety activities and chatter of the last couple of months. Lastly, our regular features on Dog Talk and Chicken Squawk both focus on the ‘new’ – new pets and new chickens (who may also be pets :)).

Thanks as always to our contributors, reviewers, Angela, and Cathy!