The Nominating Committee met throughout the first half of 2013 in order to consider candidates for the 2014 ANA Executive Committee. The nominee candidates come from diverse backgrounds, live across the Allandale neighborhood, and have served in leadership roles within Allandale, within our schools, and across the City.

Criteria & Procedure

  • Nominees are voting members in good standing [vetted, Allandale residents, dues paid].

  • Nominees are selected by majority vote of the committee from among members
    who demonstrated an interest in ANA’s goals, and are balanced with respect to:

    o age
    o areas of expertise
    o gender
    o geographic residence
    o occupation

  • Committee chair presents the recommendations at the EC meeting preceding the
    September Annual General Meeting.

  • Nominees shall be presented to the membership, with their qualifications before the
    election vote.

  • Nominations from the floor shall also be in order, provided the nominee first agrees,
    in writing or in person, to serve if elected, and if they meet the required

  • EC members shall be elected for one-­‐year terms at the September Annual General

  • Proposed Candidate Slate

    Beck, Laura, for secretary, 1st term, 14-­‐year Allandale resident, lives on Shoalwood Ave.,
    age 40+, small business owner, public relations and marketing consultant, extensive
    expertise in marketing, PR, and communications.  

    Carbone, Kata, for vice president, 2nd term, 30-­‐year Allandale resident, lives on West 49th
    1⁄2 St., age 60+, retired tech. writer/editor, UT-­‐Austin Computer Sci.  

    Glass, Bryan, for at-­‐large, 3rd term, 9-­‐year Allandale resident, lives on Woodview Ave., age
    30+, History instructor, Texas State University.  

    Marshall, Jeff, for at-­‐large, 3rd term, 5-­‐year Allandale resident, lives on Whiteway Dr., age
    40+, Manager, Software Technical Services.

    Mintz, David, for president, 3rd term, 23-­‐year Allandale resident, lives on Northland Dr.,
    age 40+, state government affairs work.

    Neel, Steve, for at-­‐large, 1st term, 8-­‐year Allandale resident, lives on Bullard Dr., age 60+,

    Norder, Naji, for at-­‐large, 1st term, 2-­‐year Allandale resident, lives on Montview St., age
    30+, Senior Hardware Engineer at National Instruments.  

    Pryor, Cynthia, for at-­‐large, 2nd term, 15-­‐year Allandale resident, lives on Foster Ln., age
    40+, Systems analyst for the WIC Program, Texas Department of State Health. 

    Reynolds, Caroline, for treasurer, 1st term, 34-­‐year Allandale resident, lives on West 49th
    St., age 60+, licensed professional engineer.  

    Slaughter, Laura, for at-­‐large, 2nd term, 25-­‐year Allandale resident, lives on Shoal Creek
    Blvd., age 50+, registered nurse. 

    Vassar, Nathan, for at-­‐large, 1st term, new Allandale resident, resides on Woodview Ave.,
    age 30+, water/environment attorney.  

    Download 2013_14Nominations.pdf (632.5K)