August’s Allandale Neighbor is chock full of thoughts on transition and change as we take stock of some of the activities going on across the neighborhood at summer’s end. Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll find in the latest Allandale Neighbor.

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August's Allandale Neighbor is chock full of thoughts on transition and change as we take stock of some of the activities going on across the neighborhood at summer's end. Here's a quick summary of what you'll find in the latest issue of the Allandale Neighbor. Thanks as always to our contributors and editorial team!

For many, school starts this month, and Lamar's Grow It Yourself (GIY) and Farm to School programs is the lead story. Encourgaing students to make healthy, seasonal and local choices are core parts of Lamar Going Green. Gullett Good News highlights the back to school activities leading into Fall, including new after-school possibilities and preparation for the Fall Carnival.

End of summer also means time for change in the ANA Executive Committee. The President's Letter outlines the meeting agenda, including updates and speakers on the MoPac Improvement Project, the 10-1 implementation effects on Allandale, voting on the new bylaws, and election of new ANA EC members. The Neighbor also contains July EC board meeting highlights, and a call for volunteers for EC and various committees and teams that work to keep Allandale such a great place to live.

Several features also continue this theme of change. Plans for Allandale's Transit Corridors highlights some of the in-progress developments in the key transit corridors, including Burnet Road and Lamar Blvd to make the roads more pedestrian-friendly and MetroRapid prepared. Development of the Land at Bull Creek Road and 45th Street is thorough summary of the legislative and committee progress in transitioning the land into a more sustainable and greener project.

Whew! There's so much going on around Allandale. Flip through, and you'll find a wonderful photographic retrospective of the 4th of July parade, a list of the winners, and a lovely detail about the restoration of 'Big Red,' the engine's that's been one of the stars of our long-standing parade. There's a wonderful story on the honor given to Pack 55 for their Flag Retirement Project, updates on the new activities available at Northwest Recreation Center, and updates from Real Estate Corner, end of summer planting, and a review of Hot Rod Coffee.

Lastly, there is a review of the Allandale Quick Survey completed over late spring and summer, and a few interesting results are highlighted – including the demographic change that is happening across our neighborhood, top likes/concerns about Allandale, and the ways we communicate. In the survey, crime was brought up as a concern for some, so there is a review of the current statistics for Allandale (low level), plus a discussion of Neighbhorhood Watch efforts that help keep those statistics in check.

As always, we hope you enjoy reading, and thanks to all of our contributors and editorial team for a great issue.