June2013thumbnailSummer is well upon us, and the June issue focuses on getting through the hot summer.

Tom starts with a review of the latest in yard design, where some are rethinking landscaped yards due to the ongoing drought that has lingered in Central Texas. His article showcases different approaches around Allandale, one of which may work well for your yard too. Ginger Soule reminds us of the various types of watering and feeding that are most effective this time of year, for those of us still pushing through with traditional lawns, and Wizzie Brown addresses chiggers, one of the banes of any garden landscape. Cheryl addresses how to keep our pets contained and protected, whether at home, in yard, on leash, or in crate, during this high-travel period.

Sam Shore updates us on the progress made by neighbhorhood associations with the city Transportation Department regarding traffic on Burnet Road between Koenig Lane/2222 and North Loop, particularly as current and planned development will further exacerbate the safety concerns and traffic density in that area. Kata Carbone reviews the Shoal Creek Greenbelt Restoration progress. There have been 5 projects so far related to the greenbelt, and city engineers have confirmed that drainage work will be needed this year. 

Marsha Edwards shines a spotlight on a new neighbor – Marakesh Cafe and Grill – whose menu includes gluten free, vegan and sugar free offerings. 

In our regular features, In the President's Letter, David Mintz stays with our summer theme, and reminds us to check on our neighbors, to watch neighbor homes during the travel season, and to be mindful of the in-place watering restrictions. Nominations Committee (and other committees) are looking for nominees for next year's EC and committee members. If you're interested, please contact David directly. Laura diCarlo highlights the Gullett Bike Rodeo and updates on neighborhood watch in our area, and Stephanie Schultz reviews the end of the year and summer activities in Gullett Good News. The 2013 ANA Garage Sale was a success, and Laura Slaughter let us know that 37 families participated across Allandale, and 10 new households joined ANA.

The fourth of July parade is nearly here! The parade starts at 9am near White Rock and Treadwell. Volunteer judges are still needed, and any interested can contact John Keohane. Joe Reynolds is the Grand Marshal, and this will be the parade's 54th year. To borrow a phrase, "come early and stay late!"

Lastly, there is a wonderful interview with two long-stnading residents of Allandale, Max and Betty. Max and Betty have lived in Allandale nearly 50 years, and have witnessed many changes. A shortened version is in the newsletter, but a more lengthy version is on the website.

Thanks again to all of our contributors, our site and newsletter team, and our supporting advertisers.