April 2013This April's Allandale Neighbor should arrive in your mailboxes over the next few days. Spring has certainly sprung, and this edition begins with Tom Linehan discovering the versatility of screened porches and talking with several neighbors about the delight porches bring to their Allandale homes. The perennial Garage Sale is scheduled for 4 May, and Laura Slaughter explains a new feature for this year – a centralized drop off location, if you don't have enough for a sale of your own. Just donate the items to ANA at the drop off location, and support ANA while you spruce up for Spring! Any unsold items will be donated at the end of the day.

Despite the rain we received, fewer flowers appeared this Spring. Ginger Soule explains why. And on the topic of our gardens, Wizzie Brown identifies one of the great harbingers of Spring, the Crane Fly, and how to manage them this time of year.

Spring means chicks, and in Chicken Squawk, Angela Caras answers the age-old question of what first – the chicken or the egg?


In more municipal matters, the President's Letter provides an update on the status of explorations into creating a pocket park and nature trail along Shoal Creek, and Karen Moore explains the importance of the upcoming AISD Bond elections on 11 May, how to get more information on the propositions, and where and when to vote. There's also an update on the proposed Bull Creek development project from Joe Reynolds.

Closer to home, Laura DiCarlo updates us on Neighborhood Watch activities, including the new CPR training held at NW Recreation Center; and there's an interview with the moderator of the Allandale list-serve, Jon Etkins. Gullett Good News provides a great update on activities at the school, including the results of the Plant Sale, and the beginning of the end as the campus prepares for end of school year.

And as if there isn't enough for the season, there's a look ahead to summer, and the annual Allandale Fourth of July parade.

Lastly, an addition to this issue's newsletter. Based on survey feedback and comments, we are testing a new feature, called Real Estate Corner. We're lucky that Allandale is such a desirable location, and many residents have asked about getting updates on the 'health' of our neighborhood from a realtor's perspective. Considering we're receiving our tax assessments right about now, this is a timely addition, and we're glad David Starry is the first to provide this neutral analysis. We have asked different neighborhood realtors to contribute to Real Estate Corner, and each will offer a different contribution with each newsletter. Your feedback on Real Estate Corner is certainly appreciated!

There's more in the newsletter, but we'll let you discover it for yourself. Thanks again to all of our contributors, advertisers, and to our new newsletter team!