Tomorrow will be the 2nd and 3rd reading of the rezoning of 5425 Burnet Road for a Little Woodrow's bar.   It is item 51 on the agenda. It is a closed hearing – so no public input will be heard. 

C14-2012-0097 – Little Woodrow’s Bar & Restaurant – Approve second/third readings of an ordinance amending Chapter 25-2 of the Austin City Code by rezoning property locally known as 5425 Burnet Road (Waller Creek Watershed) from general commercial services-mixed use-vertical mixed use building-conditional overlay-neighborhood plan (CS-MU-V-CO-NP) combining district zoning to commercial-liquor sales-mixed use-vertical mixed use building-conditional overlay-neighborhood plan (CS-1-MU-V-CO-NP) combining district zoning.

The Council approved the zoning request on the first reading on December 13, 2012. The vote was 4-2, Council Members Morrison and Tovo voted no. Council Member Martinez was off the dais.  

There are bars already on Burnet Rd however this property is particularly close to the adjacent Brentwood homes. Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon is located directly across Burnet from the proposed Little Woodrow's, and Ginny’s patrons currently use all of the parking that Little Woodrow’s plans to take. That will push the impact of Ginny's even deeper into Allandale. In addition, this stretch of Burnet Road is narrow, has no turn lanes, and is bordered by shallow commercial properties. And those shallow commercial properties abut residential properties. 

If you believe the property is not suitable or appropriate for bar zoing, contact city council and let them know:

Mayor Leffingwell                 512-974-2250    lee.leffingwell
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Mayor Pro Tem Cole            512-974-2266    sheryl.cole
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Council member Spelman     512-974-2256    bill.spelman
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Council member Riley          512-974-2260    chris.riley
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Council member Martinez     512-974-2264    mike.martinez
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Council member Tovo          512-974-2255    kathie.tovo
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Council member Morrison     512-974-2258    laura.morrison [Email address: laura.morrison #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]