Austin Energy is back in Allandale pruning and removing trees near electric lines. This work is necessary to ensure reliable service. However, property owners should also be aware of their rights.

Before Austin Energy performs any work they will attempt to contact affected property owners. According to a letter sent to ANA, Austin Energy and their contractors will try to work with each property owner to reach an agreement on the work that will be done. However, I was told this evening about a situation where the city's contractor apparently pressured someone to sign a work agreement without fully disclosing the amount of work that was going to occur. After the resident complained, it sounds like the city it going to back off and work with them but I would urge you to be fully aware before you sign anything.

More information about this process can be found at:

If you have questions about the process contact Craig Stoughton with Austin Energy at 505-7546 or Ray Henning at 322-6930.

David Mintz
ANA President