6a00d8341c574253ef017ee7094147970d-800wiWhat follows is an update on developments regarding the 45th and Bull Creek project provided by Joe Reynolds, Allandale resident and member of the ANA committee representing Allandale regarding the development. As you will learn, there are a lot of pieces to the story involving a number of public and private interests. Since this update, the City Council has held meetings regarding how it will work with the state on an Inter-Local Agreement. The best way to keep current is to follow the Bull Creek Road Coaltion on Facebook.

Proposed 45th and Bull Creek Development
by Joe Reynolds [Email address: anacommittee #AT# gmail.com - replace #AT# with @ ]

The October issue of the Allandale Neighbor included an article about a mixed-use development being considered on the state-owned property located on the east side of Bull Creek Road, south of 45th Street. The proposed development on the 75-acre tract submitted by Stratus Properties, includes a mix of apartments, office buildings, a movie theater, and a large HEB with a gas station. What follows is a status update on the project.

  • The following surrounding neighborhood associations have formed the Bull Creek Road Coalition (BCRC) to coordinate actions: Allandale, Rosedale, Bykerwoods, Ridgelea, Oakmont Heights, Westminister, and Highland Park West/Balcones Area.
  • Stratus Properties has met with many of the area neighborhoods.
  • BCRC met with HEB and Stratus and is pressing HEB for a “neighborhood-sized” store as opposed to the big box store and gas station being proposed (think big parking lot). At the meeting, Stratus showed a revised site plan that has not yet been released to the public.
  • There are at least two other potential tract developers. The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) has not revealed how the winning developer will be selected.
  • TFC has not acted on the Stratus proposal as of this writing.
  • BCRC believes the process is flawed; and a recent state Sunset Commission report on TFC reinforces complaints about secrecy, lack of professional standards, and capability. The Sunset Commission report calls for a delay on any public-private partnership actions on the part of TFC until after September 1, 2013, when any legislative remedies will become effective. BCRC members will be providing testimony in support of that recommendation at a December 19 hearing on the Sunset Commission report.
  • The City of Austin is preparing an Inter-Local Agreement (ILA) with TFC for City approval of the various public-private development projects being considered by the State involving state-owned property in Austin. A resolution to that effect will be taken up at the December 6 City Council meeting.
    BCRC and neighbors are seeking to have the ILA include significant Public participation in the execution of the ILA tasks.
  • In anticipation of changes coming to the Bull Creek tract, neighbors are documenting the natural aspects of the site and preparing development standards to prevent just another suburban shopping center. This includes a tree survey and a pamphlet showing off the tract’s natural areas. Any hope of designating part of the property a “park” will need such a pamphlet.

If you are interested in keeping up with the project, go to the Bull Creek Road Coalition’s Facebook page (search for bull creek road coalition) or send an email to anacommittee [Email address: anacommittee #AT# gmail.com - replace #AT# with @ ] to get added to their email list.