Nelson PuettYesterday's City Council vote to grant a zoning change that would allow a Little Woodrow's bar to open on Burnet Rd passed on the first reading. Council Member Cole made the motion to amend Spelman's motion for three readings at once, to first. The vote was 4-2 with Council Members Laura Morrison and Kathy Tovo voting against, and Council Member Mike Martinez not present. Eighteen neighbors from Brentwood and Allandale showed up for the hearing in opposition to the zoning change. The request will come back for a second and third reading in January giving neighbors additional time to put together a valid petition in opposition to the neighborhood bar. A valid petition requires 20% of the property owners within 200 square feet of the building to sign in opposition to the zoning change. Having a valid petition would require a super majority (6-1) from the Council for the zoning change to pass.