Dec 2012 coverThe last issue of the Allandale Neighbor for 2012 should be arriving in your mailbox today or tomorrow. In spite of this being the holiday season there is not a whole lot of holiday-themed articles in it. Other than Kay Newell's article on how to make a candy cane, the theme for this issue might more appropriately be neighborhood sustainability. Sustainability, using resources wisely so they are around for the next generation.

We start off with an article about the greening of Lamarfest, an annual carnival at Lamar that brings current, former and soon-to-be students and parents to Lamar Middle School for a fun event. There is an article about Sustainable Neighborhood's tree planting along Burnet Rd, and one about a city curbside organics collection pilot that will be starting up in eary 2013. Sustaining the peace of one section of the neighborhood along Burnet Rd is the focus of an article about Little Woodrow's efforts to open a bar there. (You will find updates on the project here on the web site). Angela Caras is helping us think through the merits of raising chickens with her third installment of Chicken Squawk. And as always, we keep you current on activities of the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA) including a letter from David Mintz, President of ANA.

It is time to renew your membership, which you can do right here. Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with this issue of the Allandale Neighbor. We would not be able to sustain the effort without them. Contact me if you would like to help out with the newsletter in 2013. Click here to download the electronic version of this issue.

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