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Keeping the spirit of peace alive

Peace through pie logoBy: Amanda Grindele, Programs Assistant for Peace Through Pie
As we take down our holiday decorations and dive back in to the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to lose sight of the peaceful, warm spirit of the holiday season. Peace Through Pie, an Austin area nonprofit dedicated to cultivating stronger, more peaceful communities, is asking you to continue building relationships with neighbors and friends as we begin a new year.
For many of us, the joy of the holidays comes from sharing precious time with loved ones. If we could all make it a resolution to consciously build upon the sense of community felt during the holidays throughout the remainder of the year, the results would be immeasurable.
Making a candy cane

Making a candy cane

Kay Newell The Allandale Candy Cane Lane tradition was started in the 60’s by the residents along Bullard. The tradition is to leave the candy cane for the next home owner. You might find candy canes in your attics or under your homes. A fresh coat of paint, and you...