Totally Cool/ Totally Art
Tuesdays & Thursdays
6:00pm – 8:00pm

7th – 12th Grade. FREE Program!! Painting and Drawing:
Get ready for our popular urban art class to be reinvented. Murals,
portraits, stencils and screen printing will be used to create an
expressive look at the lives of the Austin Teen.
11/5 – 12/6 @ Northwest Recreation
Center. Register at Northwest Recreation Center.

Architecture: Have you ever imagined
what your future home will be like? Have you ever imagined a business
that you would want to create? Or have you ever dreamed of making your
own furniture? This 3-d building class will explore all areas of
design and function. This is a sculpture class that will use a
variety of materials to create our imagined futures!
12/10 – 1/17 @ Hancock Recreation
Center (Northwest Recreation Center will provide transportation)

Culinary: Want to impress a special
person in your life, you know, your mother? In this basic culinary
class you will learn great recipes and get to eat them too. Don't get
to college and not know how to boil water.
1/22 – 2/14 @ Northwest Recreation

Fresh Treads: What is fashion and how
does it fit into our daily lives? What is style and how do we achieve
it? We will be creating and making our own styles come to life. We
will be screen printing, sewing, and creating new and fresh looks to
will excite and inspire! And even some business 101 will be included!
2/19 – 2/25 @ Hancock Recreation Center
(Northwest Recreation Center will provide transportation)

Short Film: Lights, Camera, Action!
Ever want to make your own zombie movie but didn't have enough
zombies? Let's make a film about ourselves and the way that we see
the world. Come be a part of a student film set and pitch your own
ideas for a short film.
3/27 – 4/23 @ Northwest Recreation

Christa McCarthy
Austin Parks and Recreation Department
Northwest Recreation Center – Program
Phone: 974-6972