What follows is a summary from ANA President David Mintz of the October 2012 EC meeting. We will be adding minutes from the meeting to the site soon:

Our next meeting will be November 15 (not Nov. 29) at 6:30 p.m.  Likewise, our December meeting will be held December 20.  The rest of our meetings through September, 2013 are scheduled for the fourth Thursday of the month at NW Rec Center.

ANC Rep Needed – With longtime Austin Neighborhood Council Rep Cynthia Keohane moving into the position of Secretary (congratulations Cynthia!), we need a new  representative from ANA to the ANC.  That person can either be an Executive Committee Member or someone designated by the EC.  It is a one-year renewable appointment.

Duties are to represent the neighborhood in monthly meetings, and report back to the ANA Board, as well as vote on issues and resolutions.   Meetings are the fourth Wednesday from 7-9.   http://www.ancweb.org/

Please let me know ASAP if you have an interest in serving as ANA’s rep or know someone who might, so we can take action at our next meeting.

Committee Chairs Needed – We still need a chair for Membership. Please let me know if you are interested.  (Nominating will be appointed later in the year.) Linnea will continue working on beautification.

Here are the action items I noted from our last meeting:

Finance (chaired by Laura Pressley)- We approved our budget for the year on an interim basis and will take final action at the Nov. meeting.  Some adjustments are needed, including adding D&O insurance (Laura will talk with Donna Beth and also research alternatives), taking out the Tyke & Bike event and adding the Tree Workshop, and looking into the possibility of adding donations for schools.  We may also need to make some changes based on what is decided re:  newsletter distribution.

Safety (chaired by Laura DiCarlo) – Laura DiCarlo and Kata Carbone will work on developing a Porch Light initiative to encourage residents to use their porch lights to encourage safety in areas that are dark and also look into areas of the neighborhood where street lights may not be functioning.  They will report back at the November meeting.

Zoning (chaired by Bryan Glass) – Kata Carbone is looking into questions raised re:  the proposed Little Woodrow’s location in the 5400 block of Burnet.  David Orshalick is going to research concerns that the Board of Adjustments is not following procedures when approving requests to subdivide lots.   We also heard an update on the 45th & Bull Creek project. John Keohane expressed strong concern about the proposed development off Sunshine Drive by McCallum High School.  This issue will be discussed further at the Nov 15 meeting.

Communications (chaired by Joi Chevalier) – Working with Tom Linehan and David Orshalick, the Communications committee will develop a plan of work with an emphasis on trying to figure out ways of expanding distribution of the ANA newsletter to all addresses within the neighborhood boundaries.  The goal is to have some recommendations that can be implemented – at least on a trial basis – for the next newsletter in December.

All EC members will be asked at the November meeting to commit to contributing at least one article during the year to the newsletter.

Also, we will start posting summaries of EC meetings and minutes on the web site.

Events (Laura Slaughter) – There was consensus to do the Tree Workshop again.  We will begin planning in the near future.

Bylaws will be chaired by Kata Carbone.

Summary of other items from the meeting
The EC also approved a motion to support a joint effort with Crestview, Wooten, North Shoal Creek NAs, as well as  Friends of North Shoal Creek and RG4NC to ask WalMart to be more proactive in dealing with shopping carts that are taken off the property.  David Mintz will either sign on to a joint letter on ANA’s behalf.

The EC approved a motion stating general priorities for the use of bond money to improve Burnet Road, if the money is approved in next week’s election.  This is part of a joint effort spearheaded by Sustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin.  Priorities include focusing on sidewalks and improving intersections along areas like 2222 & Burnet.  The motion did not include supporting any bike lanes along Burnet.